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    Innovation in English Language Education!

Our Mission is to help you perfect your English so that you can work, study and socialize in English at the native speaker level !

It takes courage, passion and motivation to learn to speak English like a native speaker. We believe you can do it and we want to be a part of your exciting journey. Let’s get there together.

Metropolitan College is a unique ESL school in Toronto. We only offer English language courses. This means we focus all of our attention on helping our students learn English. Try one of classes to see how going to our English language school can help you improve. Our English language programs help local and international students communicate with confidence. Our English courses in Toronto are different from other ESL classes. We use a student led approach, which means that each day we have one objective. The objective is to make sure that you learn English every day. That means that in every English class you take, you will learn how to use new vocabulary and grammar, new phrases and new idiomatic expressions. If you want to find ESL classes in Toronto that are going to help you get to the advanced level, then try our classes. You will find that our iSpeak ENGLISH! program offers more than any other conversation class or speaking class. In this class our English teachers teach you the phrases you need to speak like a native speaker In our IELTS classes in Toronto we help local and international students increase their IELTS Band Score. To get a higher score you need to learn IELTS test taking strategies that will help you find the answers on the IELTS test quickly. We focus on specific skills each day so that you are ready to get a high band score in every section of the exam: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. We also offer English pronunciation classes in Toronto. In these classes you will work with an English Teacher who is a native speaker. Your English teacher with help you understand how to pronounce each sound correctly. You will have lots of time to practice your English pronunciation during each class. We have a flexible schedule so that you can take a part time ESL course, a full time ESL course or an intensive ESL course in Toronto.
ESL Classes Toronto

ESL In Toronto

Our ESL Programs will have you speaking English quickly.

Small classes give you more opportunity to participate in conversation and begin to communicate from the very first day!

Try our programs Take a free trial lesson.

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English language Conversation Classes Toronto

Conversation Classes

Our iSpeak ENGLISH! language conversation classes will help you speak English clearly, confidently and quickly.

Improve your vocabulary and pronunciation, and speak accurately.

Join us for a free trial lesson.

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IELTS preparation Toronto

Prepare & Practice

Be ready for your IELTS test.
Our program teaches you test-taking strategies which have been proven to increase test scores in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Take practice tests with us weekly.

Try a free test preparation class.

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ESL Corporate Training Toronto

Custom Programs

We offer a full range of innovative language & communication training, tailored to the industry-specific and skill-specific needs of each client.

We custom design programs to meet the needs of your team members who speak English as a Second Language.

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